Random Love for Tim Minchin

Today I love Tim Minchin. I just…can’t resist.

It really shouldn’t be a surprise.

Feast, friends.

And, I actually think that Storm is funnier when you realize that Tim Minchin looks like that silly rumpled fellow in the video. All the time.




I love this man's face.


How could you not love a guy who looks like he’s been mauled by panthers before making all public appearances? Who makes that face all the time right up there?

Also, he seems to play piano like a beast, barefoot. All the time barefoot. This, keep in mind, is praise coming from a girl who recently walked a mile of highway road barefoot, and wrote in her personal statements to grad schools that she had been barefoot in six countries (these are true facts. I own a lot of shoes, and I hate wearing them.)


Also, that right there might need to be my new life anthem. That version.


Also, he has great crazy eyes, and I love crazy eyes.

This man might be my rumpled, crazy-eyed, barefoot comedic soulmate.


I have a few other things to post in the coming days, including a sketch dump, which I might just hold off on until I’ve scanned more…also, book reviews cometh.


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