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12 December, 2011

Another Diversion: Bergdorf Goodman Window Displays

photo from another (linked below)

Basically the coolest window displays of all time.

Even better news: there’s an archive of these gorgeous things.

9 December, 2011

A few interesting diversions…


Brilliant Paper and Book Art: the Edinburgh mystery sculptor’s works. I love the notes she leaves with her sculptures.



Grad School Barbie: wondering where I went and why it takes me so long to upload photos? This is a pretty thorough answer.


This, which I can’t explain in more words than just “YES.”

2 December, 2011

Boston Photos for… a long time…

So, this is a tremendous upload. To save time and space, I’m going to post the past month and a half (!) of images as a gallery. My notes will be basically nonexistent, except on the really strange ones.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


And in case slideshows drive you bonkers:

2 December, 2011

Not dead, just snowed under by research!

So, two things: (1) I’m not dead. (2) I have been taking photos. I’m going to try to upload them later tonight– my desktop computer died, which means I lost a few digital paintings I was working on, and a lot of space to store images on. Uploading photos from my phone can become pretty time consuming, especially when you have a bajillion of them. So, sorry for the long silences– I promise to try to do better in the future.