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28 April, 2011

Flotsam and Jetsam

Sometimes the most entertaining lines get cut in the revision process:

“Ah, well. I’d promise you all sorts of sexual favors… but we wouldn’t want to scandalize the deans or anything,” she smiled again and kissed his cheek. “Please get up?” She asked, widening her eyes.

“What’ve the deans to do with sexual favors? I certainly don’t want to see that. Or receive that. Or give that,” he murmured sleepily. “Really, nothing to do with that.”

24 February, 2009

Creative Writing: Poem

Billow out

Lonely hand lashed into the zephyr’s

Gaping maw.

The purgatory of the transcendent

Becomes all-consuming.

Writhe and speculate

Infinity is only forever.



I love to play with words. I’m currently wading my way through the very last of my resources for a research paper I’m writing about the oracle at Delphi, hence my lack of new poety (which no one would know but me, seeing as how this is the first time I’m publishing it online) but hopefully soon I’ll be writing again. I miss it.

23 February, 2009

Creative Writing Post 1: Stray, Random Poem

I’m usually better for my promises, and I wish I had updated earlier.  In any case, it’s been busy in my corner of the world, and my forms of procrastonation cannot take the form of writing, or else, well, I’ll never stop procrastonating. So I’ll give you two old pieces of writing, and we’ll go from there.

My poetry tends to be an barrage of intense images, which is why I don’t really like writing poetry– it’s usually more about combinations of words and rhythm than it is about “stuff”.

Crimson slate wiped clear

All at once this eternity

Blazes higher and falls. Trounced.

The horizon, never ending,

Marred with deception.

Indulgent, destructive, inert deception.

Star the sky red

Swing forth like sparrows

Myriad shades of lies

Ignite the twilight

Hasten to the jade valences

The last thing to which might be clung

And turn this disillusioned fool.

The short fiction is part of a novella that I wrote. It’s the first of (I think) eight parts. It wants for a bit of research yet, but as a rough bit of writing I’m alright with it.

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